Micro-feeder МДК

Micro-feeder МДК
Micro-feeder МДК


Micro-feeder МДК  is a module designed for exact proportioning of micro-ingredients (8-12 of ingredients) to a portion of concentrates. Micro-feeder allow to proportion from 50 to 100 kg.

The minimum portion of one component - 1kg when using a frequency converter to control the dosing augers electric drive. Machine has serial or radial arrangement of hoppers, one or two built-in scales.
Number of hoppers 8-16
Hopper volume, l 165-200
Scale precision class 0,5*
The total limit of the weighting of ingredients per cycle, kg 50-100
Minimum weighting limit for one ingredient, kg 0,5
Number of cycles per hour (determined by production technology) till 10
Installed capacity, kWt 1
Working life, years 8
* Precision of proportioning depends on the weighing device.
The composition of the product
Micro-feeder МДК  consists of: Frame with storage hoppers unit, stirers, dozing augers, scale with discharging valve, racks, control unit with weighing device and frequency converter.*
* - It`s supplied by the special order. Installation of various frequency converters and weighing devices is possible
Mechanism and operating
1. Storage hoppers unit with stirrers designed for accumulation and operational use of components during the module operating. The unit consists of 8-16 autonomous tanks capacity of 165-180 liters each of them. Tanks made of stainless steel. Long storage is not recommended (more than 3 days) in order to avoid stagnation.
2. Weighing device consists of hopper with discharging valve installed on strain gauges. It designed for taking of ingredient portion. Uploading of the hopper is performed by the discharge valve. In order to avoid loosing it is recommended to first dose less loose ingredients.
3. Frame is a welded construction. Main module units installed on it.
4. Dozing augers (8-16 pcs) designed for the product delivery to weighing device. The augers are equipped with gear motors, which are controlled by a weighing device and a frequency converter.
Manual loading of tanks, block of storage hoppers according to prescription taking into account the sequence of dozing auger work.
Precision of proportioning is achieved by changing the rotational speed of the dosing augers when components adding.