Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-50

Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-50
Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-50


DESCRIPTION. Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-50 is designed to mill wheat grain for flour (premium, first and second classes). This mill is used in agro-industrial enterprises.   

The design of the mill provides for the possibility of selection of semolina in the amount of 3-5% with a corresponding decrease in the yield of flour of higher grades.

The mill has a flexible modular structure and can be supplied in different configurations. On request, it is possible to supply an incomplete set or to complete the mill with additional units.
The principle of the mill is the sequential cleaning, double wetting and soaking of grain, grinding, sifting and separation into final products: flour of the highest, first and second classes, semolina and bran.
Product composition
The mill includes a set of equipment for the preparation, grinding of grain, dosing and extraction of finished products, as well as the necessary electrical and support equipment. The movement of grain is carried out by mechanical and pneumatic transport. The movement of intermediate and final products and bran is carried out by pneumatic transport
Basic section of mill:
1. Reception section
2. Section of grain preparation
3. Soaking section
4. Wetting section
5. Grinding and sieving section
6. Weighting and bagging station
7. Bag filter-cyclone  

Roller mill equipped with computer control panel, which performs three functions: mill control, accounting of finished products, registration of the parameters of the mill. The control system supports and provides manual and automatic modes of operation.
Installation of the mill is carried out at the consumer enterprise by the manufacturer or under the direction of representatives of the manufacture. Assembly is carried out as per contract in the building В-IIа Class СНИП 2.1005-85" factories and buildings for grain storage and processing" in the presence of manufacturing license.
Specifications АВМ-50
Capacity, t/day, no less than 50
Including: high class flour, % 50-55
                      First class flour, % 15-15
                     Second class flour, % 5-8
Length of roll line, cm 680
Sieving surface, m2  
Power supply voltage, V 380±38
Drive individual and group:
total installed electric motor power, kWt
(quantity of electric motors, pcs.), including: 
Reception section 20(17)
Section of grain preparation 35(15)
Soaking section 2(7)
Wetting section 19(10)
Grinding and sieving section 86(19)
Weighting and bagging station 12(13)
Bran collection station 1(2)
Section of aspiration and ventilation 71(10)
If the completeness of the mill changes, the installed motor power of the aspiration and ventilation section will also change.  
Pneumatic pressure, MPa, no more than 0,6
Capacity of the compressor on the suction inlet, m3/min., no less than 0,5
The volume of the receiver compressor, m3, no less than 0,08
Water consumption for rollers cooling, m3/hour, no more than 0,04
Service staff, persons 8
Dimensions in assembled, mm, not more than:  
Weight, kg, no more than 105500
Service time, years, no less than 13