Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-30

Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-30
Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-30


FUNCTION. Aggregate roller mill Р6-АВМ-30 is designed to mill wheat grain for flour (premium, first and second classes). This mill used in agro-industrial enterprises.

Grinding section of mill has sieve and 3 modular augers. Therefore, it can help to change the class of final product yield. It is also possible to change the percentage of output for each class (at the request of the customer and depending on the quality of access of the grain).  

There isn’t the receiving section In basic set equipment. Ready-made mix for grinding move to the receiving hopper.  At the customer’s request we can add the receiving section for mix preparation. Volume of its silo is from 25t to 120t. 
Capacity, t/day no less than 30
General yield, %, no less than 75
Premium class flour % 50-55
First class flour % 15-20
Second class flour % 5-8
Length of roll line 560
Sieving surface, m2 32
Installed power, kWt 160
Service staff, persons, no less than 6
Dimensions, mm, no more than  
Length without hopper and stairs 18000
Width without ramp 11000
Height without technological frame 7500
Grain cleaning department provides the following technological stages of cleaning in:
  • grain cleaning machine;
  • destoner;
  • cylinder separator;
  • scourer (with mesh shell);
  • aspirator with closed air cycle.
The cleaned grain is transported to the moistening section, then it’s transported to the silo for the first humidification. Four silos with a capacity of 10 m 3 each installed in the section, which provide 17 hours of humidification during the continuous operation of the mill.
The wetted grain moves to scourer and aspiration. Then grain moistened again and moves to second humidification (during 20-30 min.). The prepared grain move to grinding section which consist of 4 roller machines, 1 six-input sieve, 2 impact machines and 2 washing machines. The mill has 3 coarse grinding systems, 4 grinding and 1 polish systems. Flour from each of the systems moves to the receiving augers in separate streams. Then it probably to send it to any auger.
Flour obtained in this way transported pneumatically to output bin, which represent bunker with a capacity 1t.
There are auger and output sleeve for bag (50 kg) at the bottom of each bin. Besides, at the customer’s request the output bin can completed with weight dispensers (bran packs in standard bags too). It probably to complete mill with aerosol transport system for flour and bran to the warehouse БХМ.
The mill operated by system of relay automation with remote control. The mill can be complete with
The mill can be equipped with an automated computer-based control system and a controller network
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